About the Artist

Sara Moons is an abstract expressionist artist and an art educator, living in Montgomery, Texas. She lives and works from her lakefront home studio, lovingly dubbed Whimsy Lake, with her husband and three children. Sara works with a variety of mediums, primarily in acrylic and oil pastel. She is inspired by the spontaneity of children, the wonder of nature, and the power of music.

Sara attended The Art Institute of Houston, where she received a BFA in interior design. Before Sara became a teaching artist, she worked as a designer for a commercial architecture firm. Sara’s artistic style has evolved over the years into bold, bright, and energetic, and these characteristics are evident in her recent abstract expressionism series. Sara uses her loose, organic style to interpret emotion and favorite songs visually through the use of color, lines, and shapes. Sara is involved in an ongoing outreach partnership with local shelters and organizations, where she teaches expressive art to women, teens, and children who have escaped from abusive situations. Sara has been involved in several solo and group exhibitions and was recently selected as a Rising Star of 2018's premiere arts event, Rising Stars and Legends of Texas.

About the Art

I seek to find the beauty in life’s messiness. This applies to my personal life as a wife and a mother, and it applies to my paintings. I allow myself the luxury of messing up every time I begin painting. I know it is going to happen anyway, so why try to prevent it? I now embrace it. “Messes” and “mistakes” in art pose interesting and engaging design challenges to me. They are beautiful through my eyes. Flaws. Imperfections. It is what I find so attractive in humans, and it is what I love most about my art. I am excited by the freshness and the newness that is presented to me through them. I love to allow spontaneous color and line grow from my paintbrush, as if they are being born onto my canvas from nothing… nothing but childlike imagination and acceptance.