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Artist Statement

Art is my ultimate form of self expression. I want to wordlessly communicate and connect to viewers by translating deep, soulful emotion into colors, lines, and shapes. Because I am communicating a series of emotions, I intentionally create my art using spontaneous, uninhibited decisions based on feeling. I am influenced by the spontaneity of the children I teach on a regular basis; they inspire me to trust my artistic instincts without regret. It is a wildly exciting, invigorating feeling to create art like a kid again. I feel very passionate about sharing this joyful act of creating as a form of personal expression to other adults. I have recently begun teaching art to women who are recovering from abuse, and one of my biggest goals is to provide them with inspiration, skills and art materials necessary to translate their deepest emotion into visual art. This goal is highly motivating for me to create from my soul, and to share it with the world- even if it means vulnerably exposing myself more than I’ve ever done before. If my journey positively impacts the life of one person, then it is worth it to leave my comfort zone.

Artist Bio

Sara Moons is an abstract expressionist artist who works in mixed media: primarily oil pastel, watercolor, and acrylic. She teaches a variety of ages and mediums from her home studio and from the Conroe Art League gallery. Sara is a native Texan, and has lived near the Conroe area for most of her life. She moved to Houston temporarily to attend The Art Institute, where she received a BFA in interior design. Before Sara became a teaching artist, she worked as a designer for a commercial architecture firm. Sara’s artistic style has evolved over the years into bold, bright, and energetic, and these characteristics are evident in her recent music inspired art series. Sara uses her spontaneous, expressionistic style to interpret her favorite songs visually through the use of color, lines, and shapes. Sara is involved in an ongoing outreach partnership with Montgomery County Women’s Shelter, where she teaches expressive art to women, teens, and children who have escaped from abusive situations. Sara has been involved in several solo and group exhibitions, and was recently selected as a Rising Star of 2018's premiere arts event, Rising Stars and Legends of Texas.